3D Correlative Microscopy from Macro to Nano Worlds

Correlative – Vendor Session
14:30 – 14:55 (Sydney Time) | Friday 19 Feb 2020


Three-dimensional (3D) correlative multi-scale tomography and microscopy (CMT) for the same regions of interest and at different length scales allows spatial and temporal registration in two and three dimensions of many imaging modalities. For example, visible light imaging, electron and cathodoluminescence imaging, ion microscopy, EBSD and EDS analytics, x-ray tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, Raman, atomic force microscopy, SIMS, etc. information may be merged bringing a new insight on the same region of interest.

In this contribution we present current advancement in femtosecond (fs) laser-equipped plasma FIB (PFIB)-SEM technology, multi-ion PFIB-SEM microscopes, in situ sample preparation and 3D data collection strategies together with micro x-ray computed tomography (µCT) in the view of 3D CMT workflows. Applications of fs-laser in PFIB-SEM system in the workflow allows in excess of 1-mm size cross-sections in all dimensions, automated serial sectioning tomography (SST) and SEM recording of nanosized microstructural features. Further, oxygen PFIB works very efferently with polymeric and biological samples producing smooth, curtain-free surfaces allowing dozen of nm thick material removal in automated serial sectioning. The samples and RoI coordinates from µCT data are tracked in the PFIB-SEM platform by a navigation software where µCT information from a visualization package and SEM images are co-registered. Finally, in the nano scale a TEM data is pinpointed from PFIB prepared lamella and imaged with a TEM microscope.


Bartolomeij Winiarski

Bartolomeij Winiarski

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