3D quantification of shearing granular materials: towards high shear rates

X-Ray – Keynote
12:30 – 13:05 (Sydney Time) | Thursday 18 Feb 2021


This keynote lecture will show the value that time-series x-ray tomography, combined with advanced image-based quantification can have in mechanics, especially the mechanics of granular media.

The open-source python-based toolkit called “spam” (Software for Practical Analysis of Materials), https://pypi.org/project/smap/ will be presented, as well as recent work on going past tomography for very high-speed x-ray imaging.


Dr Edward Ando

Dr Edward Ando

Research Engineer, University Grenoble-Alps (France), Laboratory 3SR (Soils, Solids, Structures, Risks)

Edward Andò is a Research Engineer at the French Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) working in a mechanics at the Laboratoire 3SR in Grenoble. Edward develops full-field measurement techniques mostly with radiographic techniques, and is the lead developer of spam, the "Software for Practical Analysis of Materials"