Correlative cryo-confocal and cryo-transmission electron microscopy for accurate targeting of subcellular structures.

Correlative – Scientific Presentation 13:05 – 13:40 (Sydney Time) | Friday 19 Feb 2020


Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscopy (Cryo-TEM) is a vital imaging modality for cell and structural biology and is the preferred tool for studying the structure of proteins, macromolecular complexes and subcellular organelles in the native cellular environment. However, the low signal-to-noise ratio in cryo-TEM and the highly compacted environment of the cytoplasm represent significant challenges to unambiguous determination of the region, structure, or protein of interest in vitro or in vivo. Cryo-confocal imaging of fluorescent probes, tags and markers can provide the necessary information for accurate targeting of these regions of interest. This presentation will discuss and describe workflows associated with acquiring this data, and, with a focus on specific scientific vignettes, highlight the applications of correlative cryo-confocal with cryo-TEM or cryo-electron tomography to answer a wide-variety of questions facing cell and structural biological researchers.


Nicholas Ariotti

Nicholas Ariotti

University of New South Wales

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