Introduction to phase-contrast tomography

X-Ray – Technique in Focus
13:05 – 13:40 (Sydney Time) | Thursday 18 Feb 2021


Most conventional x-ray imaging and tomography relies on absorption contrast, however, x-rays are also refracted by the objects they pass through and by utilising this refraction we can boost image contrast for weakly absorbing materials. This talk will focus mainly on in-line phase-contrast, a phase contrast technique which can be used with many micro-CT systems without special modification.

Using in-line phase-contrast technique edges and boundaries within the image are strongly enhanced by near-field Fresnel diffraction. Phase-retrieval algorithms can be used to prepare such images prior to tomographic reconstruction resulting in a much improved signal to noise in the resulting tomographic slices. The optimal imaging conditions required to achieve phase-contrast, and practical approaches to phase-retrieval and reconstruction will be discussed.


Sherry Mayo

Sherry Mayo

CSIRO Manufacturing, Clayton

Sherry Mayo in Group Leader of the Structure and Morphology Group at CSIRO which provides microscopy, micro-CT and diffraction capabilities and expertise to the Manufacturing Business Unit. She has many years of experience in x-ray imaging and tomography with a special focus on phase-contrast methods both in the laboratory and at the synchrotron.