Lattice Light Sheet imaging and data visualisation

Optical – Technique in Focus
13:05 – 13:40 (Sydney Time) | Tuesday 16 Feb 2020


This presentation will introduce rapid volume capture of dynamic cellular events using Lattice Light-sheet microscopy, as well as describe some of the challenges associated with producing hundreds to thousands of 3D image stacks in a relatively short period of time. Nicholas operates the 3i Lattice Light-Sheet V2 microscope at the IMB Microscopy Core Facility working in collaboration with many internal and external groups to access this technology. This presentation will describe the typical workflows from initial consultations with the researchers through to processing, visualising, and analysing the big data this microscope produces, as well as touching on the benefits of having relatively niche technologies in a multi-user core facility.


Dr Nicholas Condon

Dr Nicholas Condon

Senior Microscopist, CZI Imaging Scientist, Institute for Molecular Bioscience

Nicholas completed his PhD studies Professor Jennifer Stow’s lab at The University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) in Brisbane. During which he used advanced imaging methods, such as the lattice light-sheet microscope, to study the dynamic membrane environment of immune cells. Nicholas identified a novel mechanism for the formation of macropinosomes. Nicholas is a Senior Microscopist and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Imaging Scientist in the IMB Microscopy Core Facility. He collaborates with researchers from many different disciplines to use advanced microscopic methods and analysis techniques to make discoveries. Through this position, Nicholas has evolved into a technologist, helping to plan and develop the tools and high-performance computing required to manage, move, process, analyse and visualize big microscopy data.