Lattice Lightsheet 7 – very gentle high speed volume imaging of live cells

Optical – Vendor Session 13:40 – 14:05 (Sydney Time) | Tuesday 16 Feb 2020


The recent development of lattice lightsheet technology was instrumental in providing a fast, but gentle volume imaging tool for the biomedical sciences. The capacity to image cellular structures and their dynamics opens new avenues for evaluating the behaviour of biological systems. The release of the ZEISS Lattice Lightsheet 7 introduces a unique inverted optical geometry that allows researchers to image their live biological samples using traditional sample preparation methods and sample holders (ie. 35mm petri dish). Fast but very gentle live cell volume imaging over extended periods of time is possible with this solution. The presentation will provide an introduction to the lattice lightsheet concept and highlight the unique ZEISS implementation with application examples.


Gavin Symonds

Gavin Symonds

Product Manager- Laser Scanning Microscopy, ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions, ANZ

Gavin graduated from The University of Sydney in 1995 with a degree in Science.
His interest in optical imaging developed from a project during his studies that involved characterizing the behaviour of a benchtop experimental multichannel confocal microscope and examining the resolution performance of immunogold and silver labelled cells undergoing mitosis. Gavin joined ZEISS in 1995 and has held several roles including technical and application support. Gavin is currently the product manager for the LSM/ Elyra/ Lightsheet portfolios.