X-ray fluorescence tomography for direct visualisation of the biometallome

X-Ray – Scientific Presentation 14:15 – 15:25 (Sydney Time) | Thursday 18 Feb 2020


Scanning X-ray fluorescence microscopy is capable of imaging multiple biometals at endogenous concentrations. The high penetration of X-rays enables imaging within cells, thick tissues, small organs, and small organisms. Around 1 micron resolution is possible using the XFM beamline of the Australian Synchrotron, and 150 nm is anticipated at the future Nanoprobe, due to commence operation in mid-2024. Recently scanning X-ray fluorescence microscopy has been extended to routine tomography data acquisition, and this opens up substantial opportunity for application to new systems. In this presentation we outline the acquisition method, the reconstruction nuances, and some avenues for further methodological development.


Martin De Jonge

Martin De Jonge


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