Volume Imaging with Electrons


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00:16:51 Rick Webb
love the retina <> features analogy.
00:19:11 Juan Nunez-Iglesias
Great talk. The "showing off" was welcome 🙂
00:22:47 Timothy Petersen
Does this use transfer-learning to overcome training bottlenecks?
00:23:20 Timothy Petersen
Great talk Ben!
00:23:21 Minh Huynh
as usual great talk Ben. well done
00:23:46 Eric Hanssen
Paper with full details for AIVE V1 just accepted in MolCell. Not sure when publication date is.
00:23:47 Benjamin Padman
Great talk. Thanks Ben!!
00:24:01 Gediminas Gervinskas
You made it look and sound so easy!
00:24:22 Minh Huynh
Ben thanks for a great talk and a good lead in to the talk by Ilya Belivich on Microscopy Image Browser later in the day.
00:26:52 Rick Webb
Great talk, Sai! Fascinating story!
00:34:33 Nadishka Jayawardena
Is there a sample tilt limit where the phase becomes too incoherent to be useful? and What's the thickest sample you've applied this to?
00:42:15 Benjamin Padman
Nice talk, Tim!
00:44:19 Genevieve Buckley
Thanks Tim!
00:44:34 Minh Huynh
Do you find that the xenon is more prone to curtaining than gallium? or is it about similar?
00:50:31 Benjamin Padman
Hi Ben, Yes, I would say Xe creates more curtains/pillaring
00:53:59 Crystal Cooper
Don’t forget to post any questions you have for our speakers here in the chat and we will address all questions at the end of all presentations.
00:59:17 Minh Huynh
@Richard Harwood: presumably you could even use the 3D data to simulate the passage of light through cells/chloroplasts? V.interesting
01:05:39 Benjamin Padman
A single cell? Amazing Nicole! 🙂
01:09:47 Minh Huynh
Yes, this sample is incredible!
01:10:27 Nicole Schieber
Hey Ben, thanks! Understanding the light x 3D anatomy relationship is super interesting and something we are investigating
01:10:37 Richard Harwood
that's cool
01:13:46 Jeremy Shaw
What kind of resins are you using there Nicole? such stability
01:14:12 Benjamin Padman
Durcupan in that case
01:14:32 Nicole Schieber
Amazing results. I struggled with ultramicrotomy in the past.
01:14:41 Timothy Petersen
Thanks, that's very helpful. ANNs are just starting to become popular in TEM/STEM.
01:15:35 Timothy Petersen
All I could say Timothy is keep trying, ultramicrotomy is soo useful
01:16:22 Nicole Schieber
Any other questions?
01:16:44 Minh Huynh
Richard - Any particular references for the protocol to prepare plants for SBFSEM? I might be giving this a go
01:18:55 Julian Ratcliffe
There is ! https://nph.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/nph.16219
01:19:58 Richard Harwood
01:20:09 Julian Ratcliffe
Happy to chat about plant prep further if you need details Julian. This work was done at ACMM, Usyd
01:21:08 Minh Huynh
Noted, thank you. I'm fairly new to plants, but learning as I go
01:21:34 Julian Ratcliffe
Plants are fun, but can be tricky to prep
01:22:14 Minh Huynh
I've recently been trying to make friends with cereal grains for conventional TEM imaging
01:22:48 Julian Ratcliffe
I'm getting there
01:22:55 Julian Ratcliffe
That blend of human + AI is really neat.
01:23:53 Timothy Petersen
We’ve had success with embedding leaf in LR white, infiltration times are longer compared to other tissue sometimes requiring vacuum.
01:24:01 Minh Huynh

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