Volume Imaging with Electrons


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Please post any questions you have for Ilya here in the chat and we will address them at the end. Thank you.
00:11:01 Minh Huynh
Does MIB allow you to output diagnostics/information about classifier performance? (like tables or graphs ranking the weighting/contribution of different filters/features/layers to the AI performance?)
00:26:05 Benjamin Padman
Will this session be available to download for reference later?
00:29:07 Julian Ratcliffe
00:29:14 Jeremy Shaw
00:29:26 Julian Ratcliffe
You will be able to view, not download
00:30:13 Jeremy Shaw
Ilya has a great website complete with tutorials, very useful for someone like me (a biologist). http://mib.helsinki.fi/
00:32:36 Minh Huynh
Just answered my earlier question 😀
00:32:50 Benjamin Padman
All talks from yesterday's optical session are available to view. Please feel free to visit all the other symposium themes (Optical, X-ray and Correlative) once the meeting has concluded.
00:36:40 Jeremy Shaw
This is brilliant.
00:37:18 Benjamin Padman
Thanks for this presentation, it seems like it will be very useful. Does MIB use Dice coefficient during training for accuracy/loss determination, or something else?
00:37:53 Adam Blanch
Can information about the image filters and feature maps be viewed or stored after training? Just to gain more insight into how the trained model made its predictions?
00:38:01 Benjamin Padman
Great talk! i am a big fan
00:40:47 Gediminas Gervinskas
we did find that dice loss favoured the background too
00:42:17 Adam Blanch
thanks Ilya!
00:43:01 Adam Blanch
sorry might be showing my ignorance, but can I use a pre-trained set from one model system on another. I.e. membranes from two different systems. Do things like image size have to be consistent?
00:43:57 Jeremy Shaw
Thank you Ilya!
00:44:16 Benjamin Padman
00:46:53 Minh Huynh
are there any file size limits?
00:47:31 Jeremy Shaw

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