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are the chat windows being recorded too? some useful links have been posted in them
00:09:42 Benjamin Padman
Yes, the transcript should be available as well
00:10:34 Jeremy Shaw
00:20:15 Qiyang Tan
@Amy: how did you prepare this sample for SBF SEM and how did you accurately locate the region of interest.
00:29:48 Minh Huynh
@Minh it's processed with a standardized protocol for SBF-SEM with heavy metals and embedded in durcupan. I cut through the uppermost eye (the retina) to find the region of interest and had to re-glue the sample to the mount a whole bunch of times
00:31:39 Amy Streets
Is the twisting you found in the mantis eyes enabling shielding of electromagnetic interference in the biochemical electrical currents and cross talk?
00:31:41 Timothy Petersen
@Timothy possibly, I know they've looked into crosstalk in flies, but since I don't see it in both species I don't think the zig-zag is very important for the processing. Interesting question though!
00:33:15 Amy Streets
Thanks. Does the hard outer shell make it tricky? I’ve never prepared any samples like this before.
00:33:20 Minh Huynh
@Minh I remove the cuticle and cornea, otherwise the resin won't penetrate
00:33:54 Amy Streets
That makes sense, thanks!
00:34:15 Minh Huynh
If you have any questions, please post them here and we will address after David’s talk. Thanks.
00:49:27 Minh Huynh
Thanks for the great talks!
00:59:10 Crystal Cooper
Thanks everyone!
00:59:18 Minh Huynh
Very interesting everyone.
00:59:26 Timothy Petersen
Thanks Rick 🙂 Will be lovely to see everyone there!
00:59:26 Kathryn Hall
Thanks everyone!
00:59:32 Julian Ratcliffe
Thanks everyone
00:59:38 Kathryn Hall

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