Dr Carola Thoni

Carola Thoni

Carola Thoni

Product Manager Advanced Microscopy, Lastek

After a short adventure into carpentry receiving a Carpentry Certificate, Dr Carola Thoni completed her studies in Biology at the University of Heidelberg with a BSci (Dipl. Biol.) working on cytoskeleton elements, using the first confocal microscope (Heidelberg Instruments) at the time in Germany, followed by a PhD in 1993 at the Dept. of Cytology. Thesis title: 'DNA replication in nucleus and chloroplasts during spore germination of mosses and ferns; development of methods to measure DNA content and nuclear volume using a confocal laser scanning microscope'.

Early in her PhD studies she worked half part for the Wild Leitz AG which then morphed into Leica Microsystems Lasertechnik where she continued to work afterwards. After travelling all over the world with her job she decided 1995 to come to Australia as Asia-Pacific Regional Product Manager for Confocal Microscopy for Leica Microsystems Pty. Ltd. looking after Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Since 2012 she works as Product Manager Advanced Microscopy Systems for Lastek Pty Ltd in Australia and Asia-Pacific, responsible for Abberior Instruments, LaVision BioTec, LifeCanvas Technologies and all related to Microscopy and Biology.

Her expertise is selling and teaching: Confocal Microscopy, Multi-Photon-Microscopy, Light-Sheet-Microscopy and related specimen clearing techniques, STED Superresolution Microscopy, MINFLUX Nanoscopy, FLIM, FCS, FRET, FRAP, FLIP…….