Dr Xavier Heiligenstein

Dr Xavier Heiligenstein

Dr Xavier Heiligenstein

Chief Scientific Officer CryoCapCell

Xavier Heiligenstein obtained his Master in cell biology, physiology and pathologies at the university Denis Diderot Paris 7 before completing a PhD at the EMBL in Cell Biology and biophysics in 2011, under the supervision of Claude Antony. While establishing a Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy workflow to study the ultrastructure of the Xenopus laevis mitotic spindle by large scale electron tomography (HPF-FS, serial section, montage tomography), he developed a novel technology, the CryoCapsule.

He was hired at Institut Curie in 2012 for a post-doc to adapt the CryoCapsule to fast processes analysis by CLEM such as endosome dynamics in the team of Graça Raposo. There, several other technological limitation were identified: after co-developing eC-CLEM together with Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux, he supervised the creation, development and application of the HPM Live-µ by the company he co-founded: CryoCapCell.

More recently, he worked on a novel embedding resin the R221, which reduces electron charging in Scanning Electron Microscope while preserving bio-fluorescence to expand volume correlative microscopy of vitrified samples.