Volume Imaging with X-Rays


Technique in focus

Chat Transcript

Hi Everyone, feel free to use the chat to submit your questions anytime.
00:25:25 Jeremy Shaw
00:33:32 Benjamin Padman
Oh that is so cool
00:33:36 Genevieve Buckley
So cool!!
00:33:42 Diana Patalwala
00:33:49 Timothy Petersen
Fantastic! I love this kind of stuff 😉
00:33:52 Sheridan Mayo
00:33:52 Nik Tatarnic (WA Museum)
00:34:12 Jeremy Shaw
Does this require that the liquid in the container has approximately the same attenuation as the plastic container?
00:46:08 Adrian Sheppard
Interesting to know if some sort of cryo stage could be used for certain samples to do away with the liquid/tube problem?
00:49:25 Jeremy Shaw
Very nice work.
00:51:39 Sheridan Mayo
Another question from me (as a long time battler against beam hardening) - I wonder what the constraints are on the inorganic phase.
00:53:59 Adrian Sheppard
Really enjoyed that.
01:20:13 Timothy Petersen
Me too
01:20:30 Genevieve Buckley

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Technique in focus

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Graham Davis Queen Mary University of London
Densitometric X-ray microtomography in dentistry and other disciplines


Technique in Focus

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Sherry Mayo CSIRO Manufacturing, Clayton
Introduction to phase-contrast tomography