Volume Imaging with X-Rays


Vendor Session

Chat Transcript

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00:05:53 levi beeching
Great images. How to you balance acquisition time, resolution and noise with potentially deteriorating (bio)samples?
00:08:43 levi beeching
What is the cost, in terms of flux of adding in the 3 gratings?
00:20:27 levi beeching
To Richard, assume G0 is a consumable? How long does the grating last if it is integral to the target?
00:22:18 Jeremy Shaw
What are some classic applications for darkfield imaging/tomography? Or are they still being discovered?
00:23:53 andrew kingston
Nice talk Richard!
00:24:43 Sheridan Mayo
For Zeiss: do you have any upscaling software to populate info from high-res tomos into entire low-res volume?
00:25:41 andrew kingston