Volume Imaging with X-Rays


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HI all , welcome to this session. Please write any questions here in the chat.
00:06:02 Adrian Sheppard
HI Melissa, great presentation! Is the mechanical ventilation slower than the normal breathing rate of the mouse?
00:13:05 Adrian Sheppard
Hi Adrian - I think the video may have been delayed / slowed. The respiratory rate (from the ventilator) is usually 120 breaths/min, but we’ve used RRs varying from 100 bpm to 225 bpm.
00:20:15 Melissa Preissner
Chris, if you image something with purely phase contrast (i.e. no attenuation), how do you determine the radiation dose?
00:23:59 andrew kingston
Hi Andrew. We have monitor air ionisation chambers, which are calibrated with certified dosimeters.
00:29:21 Chris Hall
Thanks Chris!
00:39:17 Diana Patalwala
00:39:20 Jeremy Shaw

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