Volume Imaging with X-Rays


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Welcome everyone, if you have any questions for the speakers please write them here in the chat
00:08:01 Adrian Sheppard
The example is a bi-phasic system (object/background) with particles of the same size, what about its applicability to more complex systems with highly variable greyscale ranges between particles of different size/shape? I guess it’s just a more challenging watershed problem?
00:37:02 Jeremy Shaw
Any plans to rollout on NCI?
00:49:57 levi beeching
There are ongoing discussions about roll-outs of additional nodes, yes. I can’t say yes for certain, but if there is enough interest, then it is definitely possible.
00:51:54 Kathryn Hall
interested to know what the uptake of CVL is like (by the characterisation community) at locations where this has been around for some time (e.g. MASSIVE). Seems that there is little awareness/uptake by people in WA at least. Is it mature enough?
00:54:47 Jeremy Shaw
I use it in WA for super-resolution data processing. But I use M3 - I don't think CVL@UWA is functional?
00:56:50 liisa
That’s a fair question. The maturity of the node (i.e. UWA and Wiener) depends a lot on the usage at that location. Everything that is deployed on MASSIVE can also be deployed on the other nodes. The ACCS project’s role is to respond to the needs of the community and develop the other nodes to provide the software/tools that are needed.
00:57:47 Kathryn Hall
But, M3 can be accessed by any researcher.
00:58:17 Kathryn Hall
So, if as in Liisa’s case, the tool is on M3, you can use it there quite readily.
00:58:41 Kathryn Hall
great for centralising the upkeep of software/hardware. No doubt of interest at the institutional level, where the expense of duplication of services can be minimised.
00:59:12 Jeremy Shaw
And it keeps old versions of all the programs too, as well as installing newer versions, so analyses can be reproduced
01:02:20 Kathryn Hall
Is there any plan to include long-term (or medium-term) data storage as part of the CVL?
01:04:44 Adrian Sheppard
No Adrian, CVL is not designed for storage, just as analysis space - it is designed to operate with repositories like OMERO or XNAT or institutional RDMs
01:05:48 Kathryn Hall
But, you do have a 1TB allocation, so things can be held there for a time.
01:06:26 Kathryn Hall
01:08:52 Kathryn Hall
Do you have Avizo in CVL?
01:08:55 Bene_Arhat
my understanding was that Avizo was only available for users within Monash?
01:09:58 Jeremy Shaw
01:11:05 Jeremy Shaw

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